Happy Thanksgiving from Sack Daddy

Think about this: the family is all together, the turkey is carved, and the latest football game is dashing across your TV screen. What better place to enjoy it all than the comfort of a Sack
Daddy foam bag chair?

The ultimate relaxation tool, Sack Daddy bean bags are chairs unlike any others. Big, cozy bean bag chairs for grown-ups! Filled with shredded furniture foam, a Sack Daddy is designed to be like any other piece of furniture. Just, you know, more flexible, a different shape, and lined with mobile comfort so you can put it in any position you so please. Hmm, that actually sounds better than standard furniture.

Whether it’s the Thanksgiving game or the Superbowl, Sack Daddy chairs are a wonderful place to enjoy the football game. Grab some chips and a drink, and you’re good to go! And when football is over...well, ESPN plays other sports, too! 

But for Thanksgiving, we know it is not all about the sports. Football is fine, but remember why you’ve all gathered together. We love when our chairs are used for TV viewing, but we love it even more when they’re used for family time. We like when people lounge back in a Sack Daddy lounger or chair and catch up with distant relatives, play with the nieces and nephews, and otherwise just enjoy the time together. Sack Daddy foam bag chairs have a lot of fun uses. This Thanksgiving, let them be used to bring your family a little closer together.

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