Foam Filled Inners

Sometimes things happen...we get it. Basements get flooded, drinks (sometimes even wine) gets spilled. Or even Fluffy decides to use thepiece of furniture as a litter box...yup, we have seen it all. Cat over. The great news is that all our covers are machine washable so in most cases, the cover can be washedto get it back to 'as good as new'

The foam, however, is another story. Once any kind of liquid soaks into the foam, you have a bit of a problem. Some people are able to remove the 'problem' foam with surgeon-likeprecision but we wouldn't recommend going that route for a number of reasons including the lesson you will learn regarding 'static cling meets foam' which is not the most pleasurableexperience. Its also very hard to get all the 'problem foam' out of the product and we would recommend disposing of the problem foam. Youalso will have a hard time removing the odor from the inner liner which contains the foam and for that reason needs to be spot cleaned. The majority of trash services takethe old foam filled inner or an empty dumpster can handle them too. :)

We provide foam filled inners at a reasonablecost that include an inner liner filled with our ultra soft and incredible Sack Daddy foam. After receiving the foam filled inner, simply remove the product from the hold down bag, allow time to expand and plop your old cover right on top and you are ready to rock and roll!

NOTE: Please ensure you are picking the correct size and shape (we sell both sacks and loungers) to ensure you are buying the right one. If you have any questions just give our friendly customer service a call at 888-343-2979 and they will help you identify the skutags to ensure you get the right foam-filled inner.

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