Q: Do you have a store to be able to sit on a Sack Daddy?

A: During the Winter Holiday we occasionally open kiosks in popular malls in St. Louis, MO.   At this time we do not have any kiosks open however if you are looking to feel the fabrics to decide which product to go with, you can request samples of the fabric.  Please send an email to Info@SackDaddy.com and request up to 5 FREE fabric samples. Samples are usually sent out in 1-3 business days and will arrive in the mail via the United States Postal Service.   Please make sure to provide your delivery address with your sample request! 

Q: How much does it cost for shipping and handling?

A: Shipping is currently FREE for all orders shipped to the contiguous 48 states in the US. Due to the weight of the products we can only ship to the contiguous 48 states.  (excludes Hawaii/Alaska) 


Q: What is the difference between the Sack Daddy fabrics?

A: We currently sell three different types of fabrics at Sack Daddy. One thing that all fabrics have in common is that they are ALL machine washable and all Sack Daddys come with an internal liner which contains the foam and allows you to remove and wash the cover without any mess!

MicroSuede Fabrics
MicroSuede is our most popular fabric choice. With good reason, it is the best selling fabric type in furniture today. It feels like a soft suede jacket and is extremely durable. Breathable and comfortable it is also very moisture resistant. Machine washable. The most popular colors are Chocolate, Charcoal Black and Cinnabar.

Pebble MicroFiber
Pebble MicroFiber fabrics have a very interesting "pebble" texture to them. This is a very high end fabric and makes a wonderful Chill Sack cover. Very thick and soft, with a unique feel to the hand due to the unusual texture.Machine washable. The pebbles range in size from about 1/3 inch to 1/8 inch.

Our Ultrafur is a very soft short nap furry fabric that comes in a variety of fun colors. So soft and cozy you will love it!


Q: How much time does it take to ship my Sack Daddy?

A: Close to 95% of orders are shipped the same business day if received before 12pm CST.    Almost all orders are shipped within two business days and will arrive in 1-5 business days.  


Q: How do I order fabric samples?

A: At Sack Daddy we will send you 4 free fabrics samples of all the fabrics we offer. Please send an email to Info@SackDaddy.com and request up to 5 free fabric samples. Samples are usually sent out in 1-3 business days and will arrive in the mail via the United States Postal Service.   Please make sure to provide your delivery address with your sample request!  


Q: Can I track my order when it's on the way to me?

A: Your order can be tracked both online and on the phone. To make sure you receive your tracking numbers, please ensure that you input your correct e-mail address when checking out. This email address will be used by UPS''s online shipping system which will notify you when we ship your order. You will be provided with a tracking number via e-mail from UPS giving you detailed tracking information including the expected delivery date. Sometimes your email filters can trap these messages so if you feel that your item has already been shipped and have not received a tracking number, please send an email to info@SackDaddy.com  and include your order number provided on your invoice.

The UPS system gives you real time information on your shipment. Please note this e-mail is not sent to you until several hours after the package leaves our facility (that evening). It may take up to a day for UPS to have the tracking number into their system so please give it a day before contacting us about the tracking numbers not working correctly.


Q: How do Sack Daddy’s differ from other foam bag chairs on the market?

A: Sack Daddy’s use superior foam and better quality fabrics than any other foam bag chair company on the market. Our foam is softer and more comfortable than other companies because we use furniture grade foam. Other companies use leftover junk foam and often take whatever they can get when it comes to foam in order to cut costs. We have been doing business in the foam industry for many years which allows us to leverage this power and as a result get the best foam available for a good price. We do this all while keeping our prices very competitive. 


Q: When will I see the credit card charge on my statement?

A: Your credit card is charged when your Sack Daddy order is successfully processed. The item will list 'Sack Daddy LLC' next to the credit card charge to easily identify your purchase.


Q: How are credit cards processed on SackDaddy.com?

A: Online shopping at Sack Daddy is very secure and we take every precaution to protect your privacy. Sack Daddy has implemented the latest in online security procedures to protect your information. All information that you provide will be automatically encrypted using 128 bit encryption, for security while using the following browsers: Mozilla Firefox, IE 3.0 addition or higher, AOL 3.0 or higher or Netscape 2.0 or higher. In addition, Sack Daddy keeps all customer information confidential. Your information will never be provided to any outside parties.


Q: Do you have a refund/exchange policy?

A: We take a lot of care in manufacturing and shipping our products and rarely have any products returned to us. All returned products that are returned will incur a 10% restocking fee.  You will need to arrange shipping back to our manufacturing facility with the courier of your choice. (our customer support can assist you with this) 

Before shipping the product, email info@SackDaddy.com to speak to our customer service department to get the refund process started. Your refund will be credited to your account after the item has been received and inspected by our quality department.

* If you are worried about the size of our Sack Daddy being an issue, the best way to figure out if you can fit one of our Sack Daddy in your house or apartment is to put some masking tape on the floor outlining the sack.  For the circular sacks make a circle using the dimensions stated and allow for an extra 8 inches or so around the circle.  The 7.5 foot lounger takes up the same amount of space as a standard sofa and the 6 ft lounger takes up about the same amount of space as a loveseat.


Q: What kind of warranty does a Sack Daddy come with?

A: All Sack Daddy’s come with a 3 year warranty on all seams and zippers on both the cover and liner. We stand behind our products and often times have customers come to us wanting to purchase a liner or cover from our company because our competitor will not uphold their warranties.

Sack Daddys are manufactured to last a lifetime and something that distinguishes a Sack Daddy from any other foam bag chair on the market is the QUALITY! All seams are double stitched to ensure a very strong seam that won't rip or tear. Our products have been tested with the roughest children and teens and we very rarely have a cover that needs to be replaced. However, on the rare occasion that the cover does tear at the seam, the cover will be repaired free of charge or a new cover will be sent to replace it. Our products very rarely fail however customers often are amazed at how quickly we do resolve issues when they do arise.

* Prior to 10/31/2019 the warranty was 1 year.  

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Q: Are Sack Daddys washable?

A: Another great feature you will get with EVERY Sack Daddy is a inner liner (which come with a security BREAK AWAY zipper.) The zipper on the liner is designed to break away when twisted to prevent small children or pets from gaining access to the foam. While some competitors cut costs and don’t include a liner, and others offer it as an expensive option, Sack Daddys ships every sack with its own liner. The liner enables you to simply unzip the outer cover and put it in the washing machine. All the outer covers can be machine washed in cold water. The important thing when washing your cover is to make sure you completely re-zip the cover closed before putting it into the washing machine. This is to ensure nothing gets caught in the washing machine which could result in damage to your cover. It is recommended that you air dry the covers however they can also be put in the dryer and tumble dried on low. (Again, make sure to completely zip your cover up before putting in the washing machine or dryer)