Entering adulthood isn’t always fun, but you don’t have to leave behind all the best parts of being a child. Managing the stress and responsibilities of adulthood gets a lot easier when you have a comfortable place to relax at the end of the day.

Not your mama's giant bean bag chair

Here at Sack Daddy™, each and every huge bean bag chair is designed with three things in mind: quality, utility and comfort. Moving forward from the beans and bag generation, Sack Daddy’s use the same shredded polyurethane foam found in many luxury pieces of furniture. Wrap this in your choice of cozy fabrics and you’ve got the most comfortable chair, couch or bed that you’ve ever experienced.

Nothing beats sack daddy giant bean bag chairs!

Sack Daddy’s have quickly become one of the leaders in foam chair sales, and for good reason. Our company offers one of the most comfortable, yet versatile pieces of bean bag furniture on the market - and we do mean furniture. These are not everyday bean bag chairs that you would see in the children’s reading section of Barnes and Noble. In fact, Sack Daddy bean bag loungers and chairs aren't made with beans or a bag! Instead, we stuff some of the softest fabrics available with the highest quality shredded foam money can buy - creating a one-of-a-kind lounging experience. With plenty of sizes to choose from, Sack Daddy giant bean bags furniture is the perfect addition to living rooms, home theaters or dorm rooms. Watch some TV, work on your studies or just flop down and take a nap. You won’t be disappointed with your sack. We promise.

Sack daddy giant bean bags rule.

Between our high-quality foam and top-notch fabrics, it's no wonder that competitors like Lovesac and Cozy Sac can't measure up! Outrageous price differences aside, other companies cut corners with low-grade foam that can be uncomfortable, and may compress over time. Because we use only top quality furniture-grade foam, you can rest assured that your Sack Daddy™ bean bag furniture will never permanently flatten or leak. Along with the strongest, most comprehensive warranty in the business and 100% made in the USA construction, Sack Daddy is clearly the leader of the pack when it comes to customer satisfaction and comfort! Be sure to review our feature-by-feature comparison charts of Sack Daddy vs Love Sac.

Ginormous adult bean bags

Sure, kids love ‘em. But make no mistake, our giant bean bags are made with adults in mind. Take the 8 ft Sack Daddy for example. As the largest in our lineup of adult bean bags, this mammoth sack is big enough to comfortably seat several super-size adults – and then some! Coming in at 4 ft, even our smallest sack runs circles around your average, old-school bean bags when it comes to adult-sized comfort and style.