Sack Daddy Bean Bag Chairs Are Great Christmas Gifts

Christmas shopping is well underway and there's still time to find those perfect gifts for those special people. It’s not an easy task, is it? Why don’t you take a look at Sack Daddy’s foam bag chairs and  loungers? We have a nice variety of furniture and it’s all reasonably priced. We’re sure to have a  great gift for somebody on your list. And there's still time to have it delivered before Christmas morning!

Why a bean bag chair? Well, first of all, bean bag chair is kind of a misnomer. They’re not  actually filled with beans, but with specialized foam. That makes them a hundred times more comfortable than traditional bean bag chairs, and it also means they’ll last longer, because this foam was made to expand. 

So now you know they’re made of tougher stuff, but how do they look? Appearance matters in furniture. We have three kinds of materials at Sack Daddy. The first is the standard suede sack chairs. These is your standard fare fabric ... smooth, comfortable and made of durable microfiber. The passion suede sack chairs are similar, but richer in color and texture. Finally, the furry bean bag chairs are just what they sound like: soft, smooth, and totally synthetic—no animal parts here!

And the Sack Daddy chairs and loungers have dozens of color options, so you can get a big red chair or a little blue furry bean bag chair, or whatever variety you want. That’s because at Sack Daddy, everything comes in everything. Whatever size or style foam chair you get, you have all the same fabric and color options.

Speaking of sizes, you should check these bad boys out! We’re known for our ginormous bean bag chairs. The six-foot chair is our most popular product. That’s six whole feet in diameter. Oh, that’s not really all that big, you say? Well then try the whopping 8-foot bean bag chair. Imagine how many could fit on that! Or if chairs aren’t your style, how about a foam lounger? Oval in shape, they function more  like a couch than a simple chair. Yes, these get huge, too, up to  7.5 feet. And if big isn’t your thing, we have little ones, too, as small as 3 feet in the sack chairs and 5 feet in a lounger.

Best of all, they’re all affordable. We pride ourselves on selling high-quality furniture at a good  price, so don’t break the bank this year while you’re Christmas shopping. As a matter of fact, our popular 6-foot chair is only $198 right now with Free Shipping! That’s a deal you don’t want to miss! So feast your eyes upon this merry little collection of sack chairs and find the one that’s just right for you and yours this Christmas.

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