Ten Tips for Basketball Season by Sack Daddy Bean Bags

1. Tend to the kids. Surprise, surprise. Kids don't just disappear when the game starts. First off, why not try involving them? Invite them to watch the game with you, and teach them a little if they're old enough. Maybe game night can be bonding time for your family on an 8-foot super-comfortable bean bag from Sack Daddy. Otherwise, you might want to try working something out with the spouse. Speaking of which...

2. If you're married, work it out with your spouse. If your spouse doesn't care for basketball, make sure they're cool with you disappearing for a few hours over and over again. Set time aside to be with them, too. Maybe help out with dinner or with the kids. Don't sacrifice your relationships over a game.

3. Work before Play. It's hard to really enjoy the game when you have a deadline coming up at work, oryou're nervous about a test. Set time aside to get your have-tos done so that when the game starts, you can kick back and enjoy it.

4. Get a DVR. When the distractions mount too high, a DVR is a wonderful investment. You can record every game of the season and then do it again for years and years to come, so you can watch the ones you missed or replay those incredible moments you love.

5. Get some good food. The game is just more fun with pizza, wings, chips, soda, beer, or whatever tickles your tongue. Again, plan ahead and you can avoid distractions.

6. Use Commercial Breaks Well. Gotta go? Forget one of your snacks? Kids need something? Use commercials while you can!

7. Get comfortable. Here's where we come into play. Sack Daddy foam chairs are the most relaxing chairs on the market for tube time. By yourself? Get a 6-foot sack in your favorite team's color. Friends or family like to watch the game with you? A 7.5-foot lounger is a great way for several to relax.

8. Kick back. Sure, there are plenty of times where you'll be sitting on the edge of your seat, but you'll always want to come back to a reclined position. However, not everybody has a fancy reclining chair with a footrest. A foam bag ottoman is a great and inexpensive way to rest your legs and stretch out. And if you're leaning forward in a tense tiebreaker, you can pick up the little ottoman and hold on for dear life!

9. Get some friends together. March Madness is a lot more fun with friends. Invite them over, or for achange of scenery, go to a sports bar like Buffalo Wild Wings or Hotshots and get some good food, too!

10. Go to a game. If you can manage it, get out and actually go to a game. Go and hear the sneakers squeak up close, cheer with the rest of the crowd, and wave to your friends watching the game at home.

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