TV Time In Your Large Bean Bag Chair

Wow, has May passed us by already? That heavy heat of summer will be here faster than we realize. And many of your favorite TV shows have drawn to a close for the season. But it's not too late; many shows are still on the air and you can enjoy every heart-pounding minute in a big ol' Sack Daddy large bean bag chair.


large bean bag chair
How do you get your TV on? In the living room? In your bedroom? In your man cave? Do you like to watch alone or with family? Whatever your preferences or room types, Sack Daddy has a perfect seat for you. Maybe your TV time is more of a family event. You like to get everyone together to watch the latest episode and enjoy some time together. Maybe you and your spouse park it in front of the tube after the kids go to bed.


Or maybe you just want to invite your girlfriends over to watch a rerun of the season finale of "Two Broke Girls". You'll want space for more than one, so might we suggest a 7.5-foot black suede foam lounger? It's big enough for two or three at once, long like a couch, and black goes with anything. Or, maybe you're one of those who curls up under a blanket with the lights off, staring intently at the screen all by your onesie. A smaller bean bag chair could work for you, like a 5-foot red fur sack chair. Oh, you don't like red? Okay, how about black? Or purple? We have options! And while the furry model is one of our most comfortable, we also have our high quality passion suede.


Whatever size or fabric you choose, you're getting a high quality bean bag chair filled with quality foam that's not only soft, but durable, so it will last a while, just like any other piece of furniture. But what if your favorite TV show has already ended for the season, or worse, forever? Have you heard of Netflix? Or Hulu Plus? Or, if internet TV isn't attractive or possible for you, why not order the season DVDs for a steal online, or your local resale shop like Slacker's or V-Stock? You can get hundreds of great TV shows like "Friends," "Breaking Bad," and "Firefly" and watch them again and again and again. Besides, baseball season is in full swing. The news is on no matter the season, and movies are awesome.


We doubt you'll be shutting off the TV just because summer is coming, so enjoy the tube all year round for every episode, every game, every show in the full comfort of a Sack Daddy giant bean bag chair. For you, your friends, or even your entire family.

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