Top Ten Movie Marathons with your Sack Daddy Bean Bag Chair


What goes better with a giant bean bag chair than a good movie? Hmm, maybe a good book, but that’s beside the point. We at Sack Daddy make fantastic, high-quality bean bag furniture that’s durable, yet incredibly comfortable. So let’s say you’re considering a six-foot blue furry bean bag chair. You might be wondering...what exactly would you do in it? Well, since we believe you can enjoy one of our chairs for a long, long time, we’ve decided to give you a list of great movie marathons to put us to the test. Even if you don't have a great big theatre room, you can still bury yourself in your Sack Daddy and watch to your heart's content. Here are the top ten picks for a long day of movie-going.

1. STAR WARS. Oh, come on, you knew this had to be there. Maybe you’re only a fan of the original trilogy, but if you’re feeling extreme, try out all six movies in one day.

2. INDIANA JONES. Ah, the gold ol’ days of action and adventure. The fourth film is much maligned, but the original trilogy is still beloved.

3. HARRY POTTER. Eight films adding up to about 20 hours in movie time. This is one of the heaviest marathons. However, if you hit one of the more boring movies, you can always curl up in your big sack chair and take a nap right there!

4. THE DARK KNIGHT. Christopher Nolan’s gritty update on the Batman franchise won a lot of love from fans. This is a lighter marathon, only three films, so you can still get plenty of sleep.

5. PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. Here’s one that’s not included in a lot of lists. This six-part BBC series was a fantastic adaptation of a fantastic novel. This is a great choice for marathon-ers who like plot and romance over explosions and action. (Try out a romantic red lounger and cuddle up with your special somebody!)

6. THE LORD OF THE RINGS. The films that made fantasy cool again, relive the incredible adventure in Middle Earth. Normally around 7 hours, serious marathon-ers should try the extended editions, totaling about 12 hours or more!

7. THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS. True, there’s a 7th film coming out in 2015, but 6 films is still a good marathon. Fast cars, hot stars!

8. TWILIGHT. Hey, if this is your thing, you enjoy it. If it’s not, you can always make fun of the movies! Sometimes, that’s more fun than the movie itself!

9. THE BOURNE IDENTITY. Tired of fantasy silliness? How about a mystery/action franchise? Ride along with Matt Damon’s signature films. (Less-popular fourth film optional).

10. THE MARVEL FILMS. The ultimate marathon. Multiple franchises, multiple plotlines, and a whole lot of action. For a relatively lighter fare, try just the Avengers films (Iron Man, Thor, etc). But if you’re REALLY extreme, do ALL the Marvel movies (All the X-Men, all the Spider-Mans, ALL the movies).

Bring caffeine. Bring your friends and load up your new 8-foot monster bean bag chair. Bring popcorn, snacks, soda, beer, whatever it takes to get you through hours upon hours of awesome movies. What’s your favorite movie franchise?

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