De-stress on a Sack Daddy Foam Bean Bag Chair

Stress. We all have it, sometimes in bigger doses than others. Often, it feels like the entire world is a stressful place trying to pick our brains apart with anxiety. The world is full of troubles, and our individual lives are full of plenty, too. And when you can't remove the stressors, then you need to find ways to relieve all that pent-up fear, and the best way to do that is to relax. So, we at Sack Daddy offer you the perfect relaxation tool: the oversized foam bean bag chair. 

A relaxing chair is one where you can practically melt into it. Lay back, roll your eyes up in relief, and let every muscle go limp. The hard arms and backs of traditional chairs and couches don't always make this possible. But a Sack Daddy chair is 100% soft and smooth. With the circular shape of our 6-foot bean bag chair, most anybody can lie down or roll around in any which way and still be comfortable. And while we say "bean bag chair" for clarity, they're actually filled with soft shredded furniture foam, way more comfortable. Imagine yourself sinking into a luxuriously soft sack seat, like an enormous pillow there to catch your troubles.

You'll also need a quiet spot to relax. Maybe an office or bedroom, somewhere behind closed doors? Turn off the TV, cell phone, and everything else and just listen to the silence, or maybe some soft music or ambiance if that helps. It's getting warmer, so open up the windows and listen to the sounds of nature. That's one more benefit of Sack Daddys being filled with foam instead of beans, no annoying rattle when you shift! 

What stresses you out? For a lot of people, it's the TV.  Favorite sports teams may not be going the way they want, Cliffhanger endings on the soap operas, or more seriously, scary stories on the evening news. A Sack Daddy foam lounger is a wonderful way to lay back and just calm down. Loungers are more ovular, very similar to a futon, so they're good TV spots. When the tube gets too nutty, try turning it off. Then lay back in the chair or lounger and just breathe a minute.

College got you stressed? The 3-foot foam chair is excellent for dorms, single apartments, and other small places you can get on a student's budget. They're also the least expensive and most portable, so you can take them back home, too. But it's just as tall as all the other sacks (3 feet tall) so it can take the same amount of stress without taking too much floor space. Take five and chill in the sack. Catch your breath, then hop back up and do a little more. Take it in pieces. 

Stress is no fun, so find ways to stop and relieve it. You may not think you have time, but making the time will help you get more done than wearing yourself out. Take a walk, listen to music, do some yoga, or just sit down for a few minutes in a Sack Daddy foam seat, the most relaxing chair on the planet. Take it easy!

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