Sack Daddy – The Ultimate Comfort in a Bean Bag Chair

Sack Daddy – The Ultimate Comfort in a Bean Bag Chair

We know you enjoy lounging in your living room, watching TV or playing video games with your family or friends. We know part of that enjoyment comes from the type of chair you choose to sit in while watching your favorite shows and we believe we have the solution to your comfort - the bean bag.

Sack Daddy Knows About Comfort knows you are not going to find any other furniture that is as comfortable as our extra soft bean bags. We design our bean bag chairs to offer you only the absolute best materials in a wide range of colors that will match any room you place it in. Our chairs are filled with ultra-soft furniture foam for extra cushion and you will definitely notice the difference from traditional bean bags.

We also offer a large range of sizes perfectly suited to your needs. If you reside in a dorm you might simply require our 4 ft. chair for a single adult. However, if you like to cuddle with a loved one or invite other gamers over for a tournament, then you might want to choose a 7ft. or 8 ft. Sack Daddy.

Modern, Convenient and Fun

We know you have a choice of going with a recliner or love seat but we believe in bringing back the fun into your lifestyle. Our large bean bags have been featured in gaming magazines; and gamers don’t fool around when it comes to their comfort. You know our chairs are the best when we continuously receive praise and terrific ratings from buyers and we wish for you to experience it too.

Our giant bean bags are great for two or more people, with sizes ranging from 5 ft. to 7.5 ft. loungers. We also offer an Ottoman rest to keep your tired feet elevated and comfortable while you lounge. We suggest for a couple a 6 ft. sack and if you have any children, a 3 ft. sack is ideal for a child.

You can join with gamers everywhere in enjoying a comfort not seen in traditional loungers, love seats or chairs. We will work hard to earn your business and we are confident you will not only love our bean bag chairs but will endorse us to your friends, family and gamers alike. Don’t hesitate a minute longer, contact us today to see how we can help you.

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