Your Sack Daddy will arrive via FedEx ground in a cardboard box or several cardboard boxes depending on the size of your product.

1. Remove the Liner (filled with foam and equipped with a safety locking zipper) and the Cover from the Box.

The Sack Daddy will arrive pre-filled with our awesome foam.   The cover will be included separately in the box.    (Only HUGE 8ft sacks require some assembly due to their large size.  See the additional assembly directions below for these two products)  

* Many customers make the mistake of thinking they received the wrong color cover upon opening the box.   The cover comes separately inside the box and what you are actually looking at is the liner.  Our liners zippers also come locked for safety reasons.   If you need to access the foam simply insert a paperclip into the zipper to disengage the locking mechanism. * 

2. Massage and break apart the foam inside the liner

Keep the liner closed while you break apart the large chunks of foam. Massage the foam to ensure all large chunks are completely broken apart. Take your designer cover and match the seams of the cover and the liner.

It will take several days to a full week for your Sack Daddy to expand to it's full size. It will continue to grow over the next couple days and if you would like to expedite the process simply rotate and fluff the sack a couple times a day for the first week to get oxygen to the foam which allows it to expand.

Notes for 7 ft and 8 ft Sacks. (this does NOT apply to the 7.5 ft lounger which comes in one box)

Due to the large size of these products we are not able to fit these into one box.   The 7 ft and 8 ft sack will come in multiple boxes.   One will contain the cover and liner and there will be boxes containing 40-50 lbs of foam each.  Simple insert the foam inside the liner and begin the fluffing process.   Discard the disposable bag that holds the foam.