Cozy Sac

Cozy Sac: Purchase or Pass?

Micro suede Bean Bag ChairAre Cozy Sacs a bad or horrible product?  No, but when you compare the Cozy Sac to our Sack Daddy, there is a clear winner...The almighty Sack Daddy . Let's start with selection. Cozy Sac offers the same sac in six different sizes. Here at Sack Daddy, you've got your choice of TEN different products in a variety of sizes and styles including Sacks, Loungers and mammoth Sack Pillow.

Now on to fabric and color options. With our competitor, you have your choice of Micro Suede fabric...or Micro Suede fabric. Sack Daddy's are available in three different fabrics including Standard Suede, Passion Suede and Ultra Soft Fur.  As far as color goes, we've got more than double the options of Cozy Sacs. Oh, and if you're hoping to get a glance at a few of those colors before you buy your Cozy Sac, you're out of luck. As you might guess, here at Sack Daddy we've got no problem showing you what you're buying before you commit. In as little as two business days, we'll have up to five free fabric/color samples in your hands.

Cozy Sac Can't Compete!

Giant Bean Bag ChairWe're sure you've heard the old "you get what you pay for" argument, right? Other competitors like Love Sac would like to chalk up the dramatically lower prices here at Sack Daddy to that same idea. Fortunately for you (and your wallet), we've more than proven that Sack Daddy is the exception to the rule.

Inside Sack Daddy chairs, you'll find only super soft pieces of high-quality foam - the same foam used in high-end furniture. It's a difference you can feel. Shop now and see for yourself!

Get Cozy With This Comparison Chart:

Features Sack Daddy Cozy Sac
Model 6 ft lounger 6 ft Cozy Sac
Filling Furniture Grade Shredded Foam Shredded Foam
Warranty 1 Year NO HASSLE Warranty on BOTH Cover AND Liner 1 Year Warranty.
Fabric Options Standard Suede, Passion Suede, and Fur Micro Suede
Standard Fabrics/Colors 31     15
Clients Natural Light (Anheuser Busch) and Under Armour ???
Free Fabric Samples? YES! Sent within 2 business days! No
Price (6 ft Black Passion Suede cover) $220.00 $224.00
Shipping     FREE FREE    

**CozySac measurements, warranty and prices were taken from on December 17th, 2012

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