Foam Bean Bags

Huge Foam Bean Bags

Foam Bean Bag LoungerHere at Sack Daddy, our shockingly large foam bean bags aren't for the faint of heart (though they would be an excellent place to land if you actually did faint!). Whether you're looking for a versatile piece of furniture that can fit the whole family during your favorite TV show, or a cushy spot to curl up and read a book or nap, our giant bean bags are up for the task. Our smallest sized foam bean bags are 3.5 ft Sacks that are perfect children, pampered pets and and medium-sized adults to settle in with plenty of space to spare. At the other end of the spectrum, you'll find our largest sized foam bean bag - The whopping 8 ft Sack Daddy! This monster sack measures in at 8 ft x 8 ft x 3 ft and can comfortably seat six - that's right, SIX - large adults.

What are Foam Bean Bags Anyway?

Foam Bean Bag Chair The short answer is they are the ultimate experience in relaxation. But if you're wondering exactly what "foam bean bag" means, we can answer that too. First we'll hit you with the surprise revelation that there are no beans inside, just the same high quality foam used in high end furniture! See, not only does our super-soft foam separate us from old-school Styrofoam bean bags, it's also what sets us apart from all those other giant foam bean bags on the market today.

Here's the deal: at Sack Daddy, we stuff our bags to the brim with only the finest, super-soft urethane foam. Unlike Styrofoam beans of the past, this shredded foam will never leak, compress or lose it's shape. And unlike competing brands who use low quality carpet padding grade foam (bleh!), you'll never find hard, rough edges on your Sack Daddy foam bean bag chairs. Any way you slice it, Sack Daddy giant foam bean bags leave other bean bags in the dust!