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Aside from the staticky Styrofoam beans that eventually ended up all over your room, bean bags ranked pretty high on the cool list when you were a kid, right? Unfortunately, like most other things on that list, the bigger you got, the less cool the the ol' bean bag seemed. Here at Sack Daddy, we're about 100% sure that you'd reconsider that decision if you allowed yourself to sink into one of our giant adult bean bags. Not only are our giant bean bags adult-sized (even multiple adult-sized), they are stuffed to the brim with the same cushy soft foam that you find in high-end furniture. Thus, we've created a whole lineup of adult bean bags that are as big and grown up as you are.

Our largest sack measures 8 ft x 8 ft x 3ft, and can seat several very large adults comfortably, but even one of the smallest bags in our lineup, the 5 ft Sack Daddy, is still big enough for a very roomy party of one.

Foam Bean Bags: Unwind and Destress

Foam Bean BagYou have to admit that the kid in you loves the idea of taking a flying leap into a giant foam bean bag (we sure do!), but your adult self also knows there are few things more rewarding than kicking back and putting your feet up after a long day of work. Take it from us - or one of our many satisfied adult customers - there's nothing like sinking into one of our foam bean bags with a book or tv remote in hand, for an evening of well deserved R&R. Why are Sack Daddy's the ultimate de-stressinators? It's the pillowy soft foam. We use only the finest, super-soft urethane foam which is head and shoulders above the competition. Not only does this foam give our adult bean bags an extraordinary level of comfort, it's also why they'll never leak, compress or lose their soft, spongy shape.

Browse our lineup of adult bean bags today and rediscover the greatness of the almighty bean bag! (Oh, and FYI, just because our huge bean bags are big enough for an adult, that doesn't mean that kids (and pets!) don't love 'em too!)

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