Bean Bag Chairs

The Utimate Bean Bag Chairs

Bean Bag ChairGet ready to take a ride on the comfy train! When it comes to comfort, we'll stack our giant bean bag chairs up against any other piece of furniture in your home, or any other giant bean bag product on the market. Why? Because we use only the softest, highest quality foam available, which not only ensures that our huge bean bag furniture delivers maximum comfort, but also that our chairs will hold their form for years to come. Unlike the Styrofoam beans of old, our giant bean bags are stuffed with exceedingly soft urethane foam - the same stuff you'd find inside high-end furniture if you tore it open (which would probably be fun, but should almost certainly be avoided). Pair with our high-quality covers in a variety of fabrics and colors, it's easy to see why once you go Sack Daddy, you never go back!

Versatile Bean Bag Furniture

Bean Bag ChairWhether you're looking for a couple bean bag chairs for your gaming or entertainment room, or some seriously huge bean bags that can fit the whole family for a home video marathon, our versatile lineup of bean bag furniture has something for everyone. For the independent types, there's our 3.5 ft Sack Daddy bags. These bean bag chairs can comfortably host a very roomy party of one. For a crowd, our 7.5 ft loungers combine the benefits and comfort of our giant bean bags with the practicality of the living room couch. These giant bags can easily seat 3 to 4 people or double as an impromptu bed. When it comes to versatility though, you can't beat the Sack Paddy. The Sack Paddy giant bean bag 3-in-1 system can be used as a bed, lounger or chair.

Giant Bean Bags

Giant. Huge. Mammoth. However you say it, our foam bean bags and casual furniture pieces are undeniably LARGE. Take, for example, our 8 ft. Sack Daddy: These bad boys are the kind of bean bag chairs you want around if you're particularly social, have a whole mess of kids or happen to be a little bigger than your average bear. At 8 ft x 8 ft x 3 ft, this oversized piece of furniture can comfortably seat 6 average adults.

Fortunately, the price of our bean bag chairs and casual furniture doesn't match the size. By leveraging our considerable experience in the industry to get the best available price on top-quality foam, we're able to provide you with incredibly comfortable, giant bean bag chairs and casual furniture at a fraction of our competitors prices.