Giant Beanbag

Giant Beanbag Chairs at an Affordable Price

Giant Beanbag ChairYou've probably seen the giant beanbag chairs they sell at the mall. They look cool, but were you as shocked by the price as we were? That sticker shock is actually what prompted Sack Daddy founder to launch his own line of giant beanbag chairs. Our founder was in search of the comfiest chair possible to complete his home theater room. Standard couches, chairs and love seats just weren't cutting it; and that's when he came across some huge beanbag chairs at a local mall. Though he was impressed by the comfort and versatility, he couldn't help but notice that the quality certainly didn't match the price tag. And so he began his mission of finding a way to produce a better giant beanbag chair at a fraction of the cost. Not long after, the Sack Daddy giant beanbag chair was born and home furniture hasn't been the same since!

The secret to Sack Daddy success is our super soft urethane foam. The foam we use is the same foam you'd find in high-end furniture and it makes our giant beanbag chairs distinctly softer and more durable than competing brands. We go to great lengths to operate efficiently and with as little overhead as possible in order to pass the savings on to our customers in the form of an ultra high-quality giant beanbag chair with a very affordable price tag! Sack Daddy is sold direct to our customers so no "middle man" markup gets passed on to you.

Our Giant Beanbag Chair Selection

Giant Beanbag ChairThese days, our lineup of giant beanbag chairs includes seven versatile styles in a range of sizes. Our smallest chair is the 3.5 ft Sack Daddy. But, at 3.5 ft. x 3.5 ft x 2 ft this huge beanbag is anything but small! Next up is our Sack Paddy. One of our best-selling beanbag chairs, the Sack Paddy transitions from a bed to a lounger or chair quickly and easily. From there our chairs go from big to bigger. The largest of our stylish beanbag chairs measures in at a giant 8 ft x 8 ft x 3ft. We call this monster our 8 ft Sack Daddy and it's easily big enough to seat the whole family - and then some!

Find out more about what we have to offer by browsing through our giant beanbag chair selection today!

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