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Love Sack Furniture - Why Pay More?

Sack FurnitureEven if money is no object, why pay more for less? That's a philosophy we're pretty fond of here at Sack Daddy, and we're confident that once you understand the differences between Love Sack furniture and Sack Daddy furniture, you'll see why.

To best illustrate why our giant bean bag furniture is an all-around better option than Love Sack furniture, let's compare the equivalent Love Sack chair with one of our own. Our 6 ft Sack Daddy measures 72" x 72" x 36" and is our most popular furniture piece. Love Sack also sells a 6 ft chair they call the Super Sac that measures 72" x 72" x 48". This particular piece of Love Sack furniture is available in 9 different fabrics and colors, made in China, stuffed with shredded Dura foam and comes with a 90 day limited warranty for the cover and two lifetime warranty on the sac insert. The Love Sack 6 ft Super Sac is priced at $619.00.

In comparison, the 6 ft Sack Daddy is available in 35 different fabrics and colors, 100% made in the USA, stuffed with high-quality, furniture grade foam and comes with a one year, no hassle warranty on both the cover and the liner. Total price: $319.64. YOWSA is right.

Made up your mind? The visit our Sack Chooser and start customizing your Sack Daddy now. If you're still not convinced, read on...

LoveSack = Lower Quality & Higher Price

So, let's review. Love Sack offers you lower-quality filling (which translates to a less comfortable seating experience), fewer sizing, fabric and color options, and a higher price than Sack Daddy. What more do you need? Oh, right, there's also the whole made in China and weaker warranty thing. All things considered, it's pretty easy to see why Sack Daddy is the better choice for your buck (and your backside!). Check out our entire collection of huge beanbag chairs and casual furniture to find out more.

Sack Daddy vs Lovesac Comparison:

Features Sack Daddy Lovesac
Model 6 ft Sack Daddy 6 ft Super Sac
Filling Shredded Sack Foam Shredded Dura Foam
Warranty 1 Year NO HASSLE Warranty on BOTH Cover AND Liner Sac covers come with 90 day limited warranty. 2 lifetime warranty on sac insert.
Micro Suide Colors Black, Chocolate, Navy Cinnabar, Charcoal, Olive, Sage and Camel Moss, Mushroom,Espresso, Earth
Standard Fabrics/Colors 35 9
Made In 100% USA China
Dimensions 72" x 72" x 36" 72" x 72" x 48"
Free Fabric Samples? YES No
Price (6 ft Black Micro Suede cover & shipping) $312.62 $619.00

*Both prices include shipping to Indianapolis Indiana, standard warranties, and liners as of January 22, 2009

**LoveSac measurements, warranty and prices were taken from

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