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It's no secret that we've got plenty of competitors. But even though our chairs may resemble Lovesac, they're hardly the same. Take Lovesac for example. Not only is our 6 ft Sack Daddy chair available in more than three times as many fabrics and colors as the 6 ft Super Sac from Lovesac, it's also made with higher quality shredded foam and is priced over 50% less!

What else is different about Sack Daddy chairs and Lovesac chairs? Sack Daddy's are 100% made in the USA. Lovesac furniture? China. Additionally, a Sack Daddy chair comes with a one year, no hassle warranty on both cover and liner. Lovesac chairs offer a 3 year warranty that requires product registration within 90 days.  When a product costs $800 I guess a three year warranty is needed to justify the price tag. Want fabric samples to decide which cover works best for you? Sack Daddy offers up to five free samples. Lovesac? Fuhggedaboudit.

See For Yourself: Sack Daddy vs Lovesac:

Features Sack Daddy Lovesac
Model 6 ft Sack Daddy 6 ft Super Sac
Filling Shredded Sack Foam Shredded Dura Foam
Warranty 1 Year Warranty on cover and liner (no registration necessary) 3 year warranty on cover (must be registered within 90 days of purchase)
Micro Suede Colors Black, Chocolate, Navy, Cinnabar, Charcoal, Olive, Sage, Camel, Royal Blue, Cocoa, Purple, Pink, Lime, Sunshine, Rose Pink, Orange, Sky Blue Red and Tan
Standard Fabrics/Colors 31 9
Made In 100% USA China
Dimensions 72" x 72" x 36" 72" x 72" x 48"
Free Fabric Samples? YES No
Clients     Natural Light (Anheuser Busch) and Under Armour ???
Price (6 ft Red Micro Suede cover & shipping) $265.00 $800.00

*Both prices include shipping, standard warranties, and liners as of December 17th, 2012

**LoveSac measurements, warranty and prices were taken from

For most people, the most important quality in a huge beanbag chair is comfort. Now, admittedly Lovesac and Sack Daddy chairs are all made with shredded polyurethane foam. But, not all shredded urethane foam is created equal. Many competitors are made with scrap foam. This is the same foam used for carpet padding, and most of the pieces that actually end up in those products are sub-par in one way or another. Sack Daddy chairs, on the other hand, are made from top-quality furniture foam. It's a difference you'll notice.  *Both prices include shipping to Indianapolis Indiana, standard warranties, and liners as of January 22, 2009

**LoveSac measurements, warranty, and prices were taken from

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