Huge Bean Bag Chair

Who Needs a Huge Bean Bag Chair?

Huge Bean Bag ChairYou do! No, really, you do. If the idea of parking yourself on one of the most comfortable pieces of furniture ever created is appealing to you, then you really need to plant yourself on a huge bean bag chair from Sack Daddy. The secret is in the super-soft foam that we stuff each of our huge bean bags to the gills with. This high-end urethane foam is responsible for the soft, cushy feel that engulfs you when you land on your oversized and overstuffed sack. This special foam is also what keeps Sack Daddy bags from compressing over time.

Still not convinced? Here's a short quiz that will help you determine if you really need a huge bean bag in your life: Do you watch TV and/or movies? Do you play video games? Would you say being ridiculously comfortable is a good thing? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you DO need a huge bean bag chair from Sack Daddy!

Huge Bean Bags in All Sizes

Huge Bean Bag ChairLooking to furnish your home theatre, bedroom or dorm room? You'll love the comfort and versatility of huge bean bags from Sack Daddy. Giant Super Comfy Chair? Check. Foam Bean bag couch? Yep. 3-in-1 bags? Got those too. Looking for microsuede or cotton twill in a variety of colors? No problem.

It all begins with our smallest chair, the 3.5 ft Sack Daddy. These sacks are great for small adults, kids and even pets! One step up is our 5 ft sack, which is particularly popular with gamers and those who enjoy vegging out in total comfort. But if a ginormous bean bag chair is what you're after, we even have an 8 ft Party Sack that is guaranteed to be the largest sack you've ever seen!

The 8 ft Party Sack measures in at a whopping 8 ft x 8 ft x 3 ft and is a popular foam beanbag chair for entertainment rooms. Big enough to fit multiple large adults, these huge bean bags are perfect replacements for old love seats or recliners.

Check out our selection sacks adn loungers today for additional details and options!

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